Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Every bit counts!!!

I will love you
Both my Angels
Like it is today
My last day of life

Every bit of love
You have for me
Is the reason today
I wake up next day

Love me like you
Never have done before
Give me all that love
You could spare

When I am gone
You may have it back
But until that day
Let it be with me

Heart my own
Does not know others
Except the two
Of you Angels

Puppy Dog Eyes!

Pressing your head
Against my chest
Hiding your face
To Hide your tears
You wished me to
Stay Longer

Puppy dog eyes
With full of tears
Broke my heart
Million time more
Into million pieces

To the one who calls me her HOME!

To know that
I love you this much
Had to stay away
From you a little

Not once but
Million times
I realized that
With you by my side
I only have a life

Friday, April 13, 2018

Not Forgotten!

My little love
Part of my soul
Forever remains
with you safe

Forget you never
This farther will ever
Would cross all seas
Just to hug you tight

Those three kisses
Planted on you forehead
Worthy of a million
Miles of a journey

Special you are
So much to farther
Daughter you are
Never be forgotten


"My home is you"
Heard me recently
No word can justify
How I felt my love

Even the deepest
Even the darkest
corners of my heart
Felt the ripples

Willing to spend
All my life with you
Here I am leaving
My heart again with you

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Could Not Tell You!

Browsing your pictures
When I am missing you
Thinking about those times
We had together a decade

Spending more and more time
With you of my life
Would be my dream
My lovely precious wife

Million times I wanted
To let you know how I
Feel all this time
Missing you day and night

Knowing how sad you
Would be hearing that
Pressed that loneliness
Within me all alone

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Share with me!!!

Angel my little
Sad when you are
Dad is here to
Hold you in arms

Fine it is to
Show how you feel
Care I will do
Daughter mine

Alone you will
Never be
Standing right
Behind your Dad is

Counting seconds!!!

Counting seconds
Waiting me here
Hoping to see
The love of my life

Crazy it seems
But you are my life
Change that never
Ever will be

Deep inside
The heart of mine
Living you there
Safe and sound

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

First Daughter!!!

First Daughter!!!

The one Who
Called me farther
First time ever
Is you my dear

I treasure you
Like my soul
Sweetest little
First daughter

Hoping to see
Soon your face
This farther lives
With a single tear

Happy I am
So much today
As I have
An Angel near

She smiles!!!

She smiles

I still
see your
In dream

It is
As before

Very same
First day
You had on

Monday, March 26, 2018

Sleepless Nights!!!

Sleepless Nights!!

Middle of the night
Looking for you in my sight
Waking up from my sleep
Is what my life is all about

You my little sweet heart
Have occupied my heart
Forever would stay like this
It would never ever change

Hoping to see my little one
Back to sleep I am again
Never fully slept the night
Seeing your face again and again

Every bit counts!!!

I will love you Both my Angels Like it is today My last day of life Every bit of love You have for me Is the reason today I wak...