Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random thoughts at a random time

It has been long time since I last posted a blog message , today I happened to look at this and thought of writing something. In fact so many things in my life have been changed as of now. I am far away from my motherland and just stuck up on something doing the same routine every day. Anyways it is kinda peaceful but still there are some stumbling blocks along the way that I could see right now.

Life , Job , Dreams everything comes in to the same arena and start playing it's own roles. Sometimes those do collide with each other and there is always a winner and a looser. Things become more complicated when the winner becomes something that I never wanted to be , but still have to bear the cost and move forward.

Decisions that have been made in the past may give me thoughts of who I was while making those, still an unanswered question in my life, which would never hopefully be answered. Anyways life is going on and so I am , getting older and mature and becoming aware of what my parents felt sometime back.

Missing people in my life has always been there like a freaking ghost all the times, it is never ending and I am not sure if there is any day that I wont feel that I did not miss any one in my life. But still do hope to have at least one day like that

Random thoughts are somethings really good to have and place it in a piece of paper. Later I would see how I felt at that very moment when I was writing it. Today my mood is busted and do not know what life would bring to me in the next minute. But I am determined to give life the best shot I could and be happy about doing that that way.

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