Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oracle Certified Master , Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect (Part 1) - Completed

Today I completed the Part 1 of Oracle Certified Master , Java EE5 Enterprise Architect and got through it. I have started getting ready for this for about 5 months ago. Since the time I started I have created my own short notes and saved them on my mobile phone. So wherever I go I have all the material along with me and I could just refer those.

Most of my study time was spent in an MRT travelling to and from my office everyday. It usually takes 1 hour to get to my office by MRT. So I believe I have used this time effectively for the preparation of the part one of the exam.

Making my own short notes gave me a quite good understanding about the material that I was using , in fact If you do not understand something it is very difficult to come up with a short note for that.

In addition to that I have created simple programs to test out concept even the ones I am already familiar with. This was really really interesting as I started thinking some aspects of the platform that I had never looked in to before

Out of all the topics I enjoyed very much Gang Of Four (GOF) and Core J2EE patterns. Even before the exam I started seeing scenarios where I could use some of those patterns as well. That was very encouraging for me most of the times

Though I call my shortnotes "Shortnotes" those are not actually short :) , when I completed one note I found that the number of pages have exceeded 95. Anyways those notes were worth a lot to me , simply because that covers most of the topics expected in the exam as well.

Anyways I do not feel like writing anything anymore , I wish all the very best for anyone who is going to give this exam a try and who happened to visit my blog.


Subbaraju said...


Can you please share your notes.


Shabs said...

Hi Ranil,
Iam preparing for SCEA part1 exam.
Can you please share your notes.


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