Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Existence of extra terrestrial life forms!

There is absolutely no hard fact on denying or accepting that there is Extra Terrestrial Life Forms (ETLF) out there beyond our solar system. Even in the solar system itself the amount of knowledge that we have or gained so far through various means such as remotely controlled unmanned vehicles , robots are not enough to decide if there is such life in existence or not.

But the fact that there could be ETLF gives us the strange feeling that what would they look like ? would they just be at microscopic level organisms or would they be much similar to human beings. That is such a fascinating question to be asked from ourself. On the other hand if there is such ETLF how far they could resemble to earthly living beings , quite interesting I would say.

Sometime in my own imagination I find that ETLF are something that exists out there , but to our limited human understanding about the universe and all those colossal structures such as galaxies, planetary systems , binary stars , pulsars , nebulars , black holes , stars like our own Sun and phenomenons such as supernovas , solar winds etc are most of the time remain mysterious to us. Since the first day that space exploration started till today the knowledge that has been gathered about all these could be considered as a tiny sand particle in a huge sand den. Human being has been constrained by the limited number of senses that he or she brings to this world since the first day of the birth. Certain universal phenomenon are well beyond the human comprehension and not well understood using the most sophisticated tool in existence today

So far we have explored inner solar system , but the only man made object which reached the outer solar system till today is the Casini Hygene probe which was landed on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn , which is also the only moon to have a thin atmosphere rich with organic material. Titan is way far from our home , Earth and too cold for a known life forms to exists. But what if there is a life form which could tolerate extreme cold condition and which could be based on something other than water, that is strikingly interesting. This is where the imagination would overcome the possibilities in science today. And this very same imagination would probably show the way towards the reality as well.

There are mysteries , there are unexplained phenomenons , there are unseen places , there are things in existence beyond human comprehension and there could also be extra terrestrial life forms

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