Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is dedicated for you Hon.....

Just wanted to write something for you hon , just want to say how I treasure you and your company. Sometime these words might seem unreal , but trust me hon I am someone who is attached to you so much than I could explain with these worlds. I know I am not a good writer , but for you I could become one.

The day I saw you was the day that changed my life so much. You were there doing you own work I was just passing by , I saw you hon and to me I thought for a single moment that I knew you before. Interestingly enough you started peeping into my dreams , got hold of my whole heart and bothered me in my thoughts. I was trying to recollect when I met you before knowing that I never met you before , but still thinking why you look so familiar to me.

Time passed by , I got to know you a bit more hon , and each second I spent with you was really memorable. I treasure that so much , Just wanted to keep you very close to my heart so that you could hear the beat , you know hon It started beating stronger and faster than ever when I was with you. I wanted to whisper those words to your slowly ever since I met you.

I wanted to take you with me , your tears in your eyes tore me apart , my heart beat faster and I thought it would blow up since I did not know what would be the next moment, thinking about you "would I ever be able to see you again". It was so hard , but promised to my self I would come for you no matter what it takes , no matter what I have to leave I promised to me.

Had to leave you without telling you , you came to see me but I was not there , my love thousand times I died thinking about my inability to come back. Thousand times I felt to run away from those people who took me away early, but your thought gave me the hope of living to find you again and leave this pain aside and smile with you together.

I am broken when you are away , I am not alive when you are away , I am not myself anymore if you are not there. I am the black sheep in the flock and take me with you because I say I do not wish to see the next day sun without you next to me.

I am not a singer , but I will sing for you .. collect some worlds to tell you how much I love you...

Look me in the eye
you will see , your image
Look me in my heart
you will see your love
Hold tight , my hand
Don't let go away
Let me be with you
Don't keep me away

I love you....deeply and madly

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testerMe said...

u rock bro! woooow.....!

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