Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is dedicated for you Hon.....

Just wanted to write something for you hon , just want to say how I treasure you and your company. Sometime these words might seem unreal , but trust me hon I am someone who is attached to you so much than I could explain with these worlds. I know I am not a good writer , but for you I could become one.

The day I saw you was the day that changed my life so much. You were there doing you own work I was just passing by , I saw you hon and to me I thought for a single moment that I knew you before. Interestingly enough you started peeping into my dreams , got hold of my whole heart and bothered me in my thoughts. I was trying to recollect when I met you before knowing that I never met you before , but still thinking why you look so familiar to me.

Time passed by , I got to know you a bit more hon , and each second I spent with you was really memorable. I treasure that so much , Just wanted to keep you very close to my heart so that you could hear the beat , you know hon It started beating stronger and faster than ever when I was with you. I wanted to whisper those words to your slowly ever since I met you.

I wanted to take you with me , your tears in your eyes tore me apart , my heart beat faster and I thought it would blow up since I did not know what would be the next moment, thinking about you "would I ever be able to see you again". It was so hard , but promised to my self I would come for you no matter what it takes , no matter what I have to leave I promised to me.

Had to leave you without telling you , you came to see me but I was not there , my love thousand times I died thinking about my inability to come back. Thousand times I felt to run away from those people who took me away early, but your thought gave me the hope of living to find you again and leave this pain aside and smile with you together.

I am broken when you are away , I am not alive when you are away , I am not myself anymore if you are not there. I am the black sheep in the flock and take me with you because I say I do not wish to see the next day sun without you next to me.

I am not a singer , but I will sing for you .. collect some worlds to tell you how much I love you...

Look me in the eye
you will see , your image
Look me in my heart
you will see your love
Hold tight , my hand
Don't let go away
Let me be with you
Don't keep me away

I love you....deeply and madly

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going Technical ....

Out of all the post that I have made so far none is on any technical topic. Hence thought of writing one today and in the future I will make some more post as well. Ok , lets get to the subject directly.

We all know that Software programming is popular very much in this century , and some people who do this like it while others even if they do it they don't really like it. Anyway for both of these type of people hopefully this post will be useful.

When it comes to programming most of us forget about Design Patterns , or even if we know that we don't get to use them. This could be due to various reason such as you just don't want to use them , or just don't have enough time to think sharp and apply them or just anything else. Anyways today lets forget about all these and try to learn something about them so that we could use it in future (I hope so :) )

There are various design patterns , out of which some are recurring most often and other are not so much. One Design Pattern that we find difficult to understand is "Visitor". The truth is may be you know the class digram for the "Visitor" pattern , but you may not really know the purpose of it. Let's first get the purpose clear ,

why we use "Visitor" pattern ,

"We use Visitor pattern to separate an Object/Class structure from it's Operations". Ok , this is bit cryptic and much more academic. Then , in layman's terms what the hell does this mean ....

lets say you have bunch of classes , which are some way related to each other , or which has some sort of a relationship to each other and you want to execute a piece of logic on all of them , or some of them. may be the operation is such that it is very unstable , susceptible to changes as the requirement changes or when your boss asks you to change. Then what to do , can we keep this operation inside the object/class structure and be happy that the object/class structure will not be changed? Nope, it will have to be changed since now the operation is also coupled in side the object/class structure as a monolithic unit.

So, in order to have your classes not disturbed by the occasional changes in the logic , why not take out the operation from the class structure and have them encapsulated in another place. In that way if you or your boss wants to change the operation , you only have to change the class in which the operation is defined now.

In a way your object structure is safe from changes now, only the operations defined elsewhere would be changed.

Now this is what we call "Visitor" pattern where every class which encapsulates different operation is a Visitor while your object structure is the Subject.

mmm... let's see this in a piece of code ....

This class is a class which can accept a visitor. You can send any number of classes
which implements Visitor interface and define any operations in them

package com.scea.gof.behavioral.visitor;

public class Student implements AcceptVisitor{
private String name;
private String address;
private String contactNo;
private String email;
public String getName() {
return name;
public void setName(String name) {
this.name = name;
public String getAddress() {
return address;
public void setAddress(String address) {
this.address = address;
public String getContactNo() {
return contactNo;
public void setContactNo(String contactNo) {
this.contactNo = contactNo;
public String getEmail() {
return email;
public void setEmail(String email) {
this.email = email;
public void accept(Visitor visitor) {

-----------------Visitor Interface----------------------

An interface which helps your to mark a Class or a set of Classes
as receptive to different visitors
package com.scea.gof.behavioral.visitor;

public interface Visitor {
public void visit(Student student);


Example Visitor having a specific operation

public class MySpecificOperation1Visitor implements Visitor{

public void visit(Student student){

//Write My operation 1 logic


public class MySpecificOperation2Visitor implements Visitor{

public void visit(Student student){

//Write My operation 2 logic


Now you see the above operations are separate and you can change them individually without worrying about the class on which those operations are performed.This way you could decouple the Operations and the Class structure.

Some people argue that keeping operations encapsulated in the class it self is a better approach towards the encapsulation philosophy , but on the other hand the solution to frequnely changing operations is none other than the Visitor pattern. Well however , the decision is up to you :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Freedom from within....

Freedom , which is most confused and misunderstood word in the world , I would say and I hope I am not making a potentially arguable statement though. While the Freedom for a politician would be the freedom given to him to conduct or exhibit his or her own political belief while for another a simple person It would be as simple as the freedom to walk down the hallway while slowly singing his or her favorite song. So the word "Freedom" is very personalized and could be very different from one another.

For me Freedom is living my own life in the simplest way possible , having nothing to worry about so much , looking beyond the horizon without any regrets , observing stars and wondering about the whole world , it's nature , people , places and also being with loved ones loving them , being loved by them and living with them. It is difficult to say exactly what it is though I have made and attempt write it down one by one. Similarly if I ask you to write down what you think , feel or expect about having freedom surely you would also end up accumulating all the things that you like to do and experience in your life. It is quite interesting, freedom itself is unquantifiable , unmeasurable and undefinable.

In my own definition of the Freedom has an element of living simply , in other worlds "living my life in the most simplest way possible". But It is forewarned , simple living also has a price to pay , if the people around you are not in the same mentality as you are , it would be something very silly for the others to try out or even think about it. Well in my own terms , if you become simple the number of things about which you might have to worry becomes lessor. In essence say , we all like vehicles (Except me :) ) , and what we do is we go ahead and buy one, we start liking the comfort given by it , we start liking being a proud owner of a vehicle , when you couple the vehicle with the brand or the type then it would probably give you the so called social recognition , or whatever it is named. But given all these , there comes a down side , if your vehicle is broken then you start worrying about it , you start worrying about your license , you start worrying about the traffic which would be there during peak hours , you start worrying about weather condition , you start worrying about the date on which next service of the vehicle is due , you start worrying about financing your fuel and oil needs so and so forth the list goes on. Just because you purchase a vehicle you get whole lot of things to think about an keep you busy with. I wonder whether the conform you afford is worth the worries you get. This is just a simple example and many of you who might happen to read this may go against me , but this is what I think about how to live simply.

I live a very simple life and I am very much comfortable with it. On the other hand there is no hard and fast rule for being simple , it is up to you. You are the master and you got the power to try it out which ever the way you would like , but be aware not to abuse the core values of it , which means whatever the way you try it , it should give you the feeling that you are free and simple as much as possible. So try it out , see the difference and try to adopt it.

Even to a person who lives a simple life there comes a whole lot of problems , for you , for me , for everyone this is equally applicable. And we all deal with it in completely different ways and it is unique to the individual.

If you live simple , the other would also be able to live there lives simply, if you become complicated , you would probably be consuming others resources as well. Just because someone can afford for it , it does not mean that he or she must go for it. It could be something which was born out of others resources , but the others may not have had the capability to reach their own resources due to limitations. That is what we see today in African regions , thousands of people die out of hunger. But we throw food here in our region sometimes. If we do not consume so much then , there would not be excess supply here which could possibly be channeled to those people who are in need of. But we all know the world is not fair for everyone , it happens always and it will happen in the future as well. What we can do about it ? or do we really need to do something about it or do we just hear it and forget it because it does not really matter to us?. It really is a puzzle and it will never be solved , because we are just human beings....

The content in this blog might not make sense to some one while for the other it would. I am not worried , because that is the human nature....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Existence of extra terrestrial life forms!

There is absolutely no hard fact on denying or accepting that there is Extra Terrestrial Life Forms (ETLF) out there beyond our solar system. Even in the solar system itself the amount of knowledge that we have or gained so far through various means such as remotely controlled unmanned vehicles , robots are not enough to decide if there is such life in existence or not.

But the fact that there could be ETLF gives us the strange feeling that what would they look like ? would they just be at microscopic level organisms or would they be much similar to human beings. That is such a fascinating question to be asked from ourself. On the other hand if there is such ETLF how far they could resemble to earthly living beings , quite interesting I would say.

Sometime in my own imagination I find that ETLF are something that exists out there , but to our limited human understanding about the universe and all those colossal structures such as galaxies, planetary systems , binary stars , pulsars , nebulars , black holes , stars like our own Sun and phenomenons such as supernovas , solar winds etc are most of the time remain mysterious to us. Since the first day that space exploration started till today the knowledge that has been gathered about all these could be considered as a tiny sand particle in a huge sand den. Human being has been constrained by the limited number of senses that he or she brings to this world since the first day of the birth. Certain universal phenomenon are well beyond the human comprehension and not well understood using the most sophisticated tool in existence today

So far we have explored inner solar system , but the only man made object which reached the outer solar system till today is the Casini Hygene probe which was landed on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn , which is also the only moon to have a thin atmosphere rich with organic material. Titan is way far from our home , Earth and too cold for a known life forms to exists. But what if there is a life form which could tolerate extreme cold condition and which could be based on something other than water, that is strikingly interesting. This is where the imagination would overcome the possibilities in science today. And this very same imagination would probably show the way towards the reality as well.

There are mysteries , there are unexplained phenomenons , there are unseen places , there are things in existence beyond human comprehension and there could also be extra terrestrial life forms

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oracle Certified Master , Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect (Part 1) - Completed

Today I completed the Part 1 of Oracle Certified Master , Java EE5 Enterprise Architect and got through it. I have started getting ready for this for about 5 months ago. Since the time I started I have created my own short notes and saved them on my mobile phone. So wherever I go I have all the material along with me and I could just refer those.

Most of my study time was spent in an MRT travelling to and from my office everyday. It usually takes 1 hour to get to my office by MRT. So I believe I have used this time effectively for the preparation of the part one of the exam.

Making my own short notes gave me a quite good understanding about the material that I was using , in fact If you do not understand something it is very difficult to come up with a short note for that.

In addition to that I have created simple programs to test out concept even the ones I am already familiar with. This was really really interesting as I started thinking some aspects of the platform that I had never looked in to before

Out of all the topics I enjoyed very much Gang Of Four (GOF) and Core J2EE patterns. Even before the exam I started seeing scenarios where I could use some of those patterns as well. That was very encouraging for me most of the times

Though I call my shortnotes "Shortnotes" those are not actually short :) , when I completed one note I found that the number of pages have exceeded 95. Anyways those notes were worth a lot to me , simply because that covers most of the topics expected in the exam as well.

Anyways I do not feel like writing anything anymore , I wish all the very best for anyone who is going to give this exam a try and who happened to visit my blog.

Every bit counts!!!

I will love you Both my Angels Like it is today My last day of life Every bit of love You have for me Is the reason today I wak...